Health Solutions of Pueblo

Project Info

This original medical center was designed by HGF in 1985 with two floors on a sloped site so that the west side had a two-story appearance; the east a one-story appearance, and the north portion of the building angled off at a 45 degree slope to fit the site.

Renovation of this existing 44,500 sf facility included mechanical, electrical, plumbing, finish work, rework of existing sidewalks and landscaping, addition of a fire suppression system for the building and remodel 3,400 sf of space for I-2 occupancy. The scope included exterior improvements, exterior building finishes, roof replacement, existing restroom improvements, existing corridor improvements, elevator improvements, structural improvements, new maintenance facility, various suite renovations (one to include a Detox facility), and new Bistro.

Client: Health Solutions of Pueblo

Project Type: Healthcare facility renovation