Maple Leaf Orthopedics

Project Info

The design and construction of the Maple Leaf Medical Office Building is the result of the commitment and dedication of Dr. Ken Danylchuk to the principles of sustainability and energy efficiency. Beginning with the functional needs of the orthopedic medical office processes, the design team oriented the schematic building zones on the chosen site to maximize southern exposure for photovoltaic collectors, shielding entries from the prevailing west and north winds, and allowing auto parking on the milder eastern exposure of the building.

Sitework incorporates Best Management Practices in filtering and detaining storm water runoff before it reaches the regional watershed, reclaiming disturbed areas of the site with native and adaptable plantings which use minimal water. Minimal site hardscape and minimal site coverage is achieved by an efficient rectangular floor plan and a building footprint that maximizes open space and exceeds the local zoning requirements for open site areas. Building envelope insulation, finishes, and structural systems are of sustainable and recycled materials including native rock veneer, steel, locally-produced cement/concrete, and reflective metal roofing. Flooring is recycled carpet and vinyl, wood is from sustainable forest product sources. The functional floor plan layout allows views to the exterior from 90% of the occupied rooms.

Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning is accomplished through ground-source heat exchangers, fed by 21 vertical bore holes, each 300 ft. deep, from a closed ground source water piping loop. No natural gas is necessary nor provided for the building – the photovoltaic panel array in conjunction with interior natural lighting by means of skylight “lite-tubes” and photocell/room occupancy sensors contribute to maximum electrical efficiency while minimizing purchase of power from the regional electrical utility provider. Building roof overhangs provide shade on windows to reduce heat gain in the hot summer temperatures of this semi-arid-climate.

All of these features have been designed into a building that recalls the character of a western, prairie/foothills/plains lodge, an architectural idiom found along the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains from New Mexico to Canada.

Client: Dr. Ken Danylchuk

Project Type: New design & construction

LEED®: Gold for New Construction & Major Renovations