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Otero Junior College Student Center Dormitory Campus

OJC Campus

Project Info

The student residential complex is located across from the Otero Jr. College Student Center and was built in many phases. The first phase consisted of a new 4,500 sf facility with 12 dorm suites designed for two people each or twenty-four students. The second phase was a single-story 4,600 sf dormitory with 12 dorm suites, a student laundry facility, and a student lounge that serves all three facilities. The third phase consisted of a single-story 5,013 sf dormitory building with fourteen dorm suites and one resident apartment with the fourth phase being a 16-room, 32-student dormitory with bathrooms located between the rooms. The fifth phase included a 5,093 facility with fifteen dorm suites and a 5,087 dormitory with sixteen dorm suites, student laundry, mechanical/electrical rooms. Exterior included asphalt driveways, asphalt parking lots, concrete sidewalks, flatwork and retaining walls, trash corrals, cedar and CMU fencing, site pole lighting, and landscaping. This 24,293 gsf dormitory campus was completed over a 9 year period.

Client: Otero Junior College

Location:  La Junta, Colorado

Project Type: New Construction – Higher Education/Housing