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PCC Learning Center

Location:  Pueblo, CO

Owner: Pueblo Community College

Description:   This below-grade, 12,770 sf storage space renovation of the Mike Davis Academic Building, created a bright, state-of-the-art Learning Center for the Pueblo Community College. This project followed sustainable design requirements with a goal of LEED® Gold. The existing Learning Center was immediately transformed upon its relocation to this renovated space. It created a comfortable, popular area where students want to congregate to study and learn.

The goals achieved included:

  • welcoming and inviting entrance
  • improved and quicker Check-in Area through accessible kiosks
  • improved Control/Help Desk
  • addition of Cyber Café Coffee Bar
  • improved and enlarged Express Computer Area with additional computer stations and dedicated printers
  • improved Tutor Work Space and storage
  • enlarged Tutor Program Office, LC Program Office and LC Director’s Office
  • classroom Space for English, Science, IT and multi-use tutoring
  • addition of Hearing Disabilities Computer Room
  • addition of Archival File, Office Supply, Tutor Storage and Tutor Assistants Office
PCC Learning Center